Chain Strategy Plan

Wombat Creek Winery follows a continuous-flow supply chain model to ensure supply and demand stability, with processes scheduled in such a way as to ensure a steady cadence and continuous flow of information and products. A continuous-replenishment model based on a "make to stock" to replenish predefined stock levels based on a specified reorder. Offering a continuous-replenishment system to customers in order to assure high service levels and low inventory levels at customers' facilities, thus achieving optimization of costs associated with inventory.

For this supply chain model to be successful, the following factors are in place:

  1. A prescheduled order cycle—for example, receiving orders from a group of customers at the agreed time and day
  2. Scheduled production and bottling cycles.
  3. Collaborative relationships with key customers are important. We expect that our customers will assist us with anticipating changes in capacity requirements, both in the short term for scheduling purposes and in the long term for our long-term strategies and decisions.