Packing and Shipping

Wine is normally available for shipping three weeks after reciept of order and payment of 50% deposit has been received.
  1. All wine is in a 750 Ml Premium Bottle
  2. Retail Wine Bottle Piccolo (187Ml)
  3. Choice of Cork or Screw Cap closure available
  4. Cask wines are available in 2 litre, 4 litre or a commercial 15 litre
  5. All wine is shipped in 20 foot containers, each container holds 1176 cartons of 12 x 750 ml. Cartons of 6 bottles are also available.
  6. Cask Wine 2 Ltr 1200 Cartons x 6, 4 Ltr 1000 Cartons x 4, !5Ltr On Request
  7. Piccolo (187ml.) 1000 Cartons x 24 bottles
  8. Each carton is ink jetted stating variety and year of manufacture
  9. A minimum of 400 dozen is required for bottling of each variety
  10. Mixing of varieties in the container is acceptable
  11. Payment is 50% with order and 50% on sight of shipping documents
  12. Delivery is normally within 3 – 4 weeks from order and payment of deposit
  13. We provide all documentation: Commercial Invoice, Packing List, Quarantine Declaration, Certificate of Country of Origin, Certificate of Analysis, Certificate of Free Sale, Certificate of Hygiene