Discover the Benefits

Proven track record

W ombat Creek Winery has a proven track record in supplying premium quality wines, in volume, to International markets.

Given the consistency of Wombat Creek production, each vintage will have the same quality and taste from the first bottle to the last.

With over 30 years’ experience as an exporter of wines created exclusively for export markets, Wombat Creek Winery has never missed an agreed shipment date. At Wombat Creek, we have designed our artwork to fully focus on our Australian Heritage to ensure that the consumer is left in no doubt as to the origin of the wine.

W ombat Creek Wines represent exceptional value, with very aggressive export pricing given the quality of wine, allowing for good profit, promotional activity and very attractive market positioning.

We are an innovative, flexible company that will proactively work with all partners to grow the brand in their respective markets, working with statutory bodies for the supply of all required documentation to ensure seamless shipments.

As our commitment to your successful launch of our wines, and your ongoing success, we offer our representation services free of charge. Once the wine is cleared and ready for distribution, we will visit your location, stay for a minimum of 4 days at our expense, and train your staff in all facets of wine, conduct wine tasting sessions, and assist in the initial selling to your major accounts. (based on Order volume and forward sales projections).